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In practice

Here are some stories from our field of practice.

Graphic harvesting

Making collective insights visible and engaging for everyone

Art of Hosting for Carers Queensland

How could hosting conversations that matter support real inclusion in our communities?

Working with conflict

What’s possible for us all if we work with conflict like never before?

Meetings that matter

How our meetings build relationship and get work done

Making decisions in Campfire

How can we make even wiser decisions together, in support of our purpose?

Groundwork: practising generative collaboration

How do we support teams and communities to organise and do their best work together?

Inverell Community Planting Bees

What if we could strengthen our community by planting plants together?

Focus on Bega Valley NFPs

How can we sustain flourishing community organisations in the Bega Valley?

A community of Lived Experience Workers

How can we best support each other to thrive in our workplaces?

More stories ...

A collaborative community future
AMPARO Advocacy Strategic Planning
What’s our dream for community based activities as we age?
Move & Grow Inverell Community Gardens
Why we value Campfire retreats
Art of Hosting for bushfire recovery
Guides for a new future
Art of Hosting training Canberra
Participatory Leadership training
Building collaboration capacity for biodiversity
The Flow Game for teams
Landcare community of practice gathering
Imagining a future for Ipswich
Circle and men in sport
The Flow Game
Inspiring intercultural conversations

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