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Graphic harvesting

Making collective insights visible and engaging for everyone

Graphic harvesting is a happy practice that’s deeply embedded in our work. We always bring visual ways of working into our engagements with teams, organisations and communities, to support shared understanding. 

We use visuals at all parts of the process, and are often invited in to support participatory workshops and conferences, to make visible the contributions of all. 

We have helped map mental health consumer journeys, feeding them into regional planning, supported suidcide prevention workshops and an evaluation process for a long term wellbeing program, and have drawn to support community and strategic conversations of all kinds. 

We work digitally and in person and love to teach others too, through our workshops and mentoring.

In the words of ...

Thank you so much for the fabulous work that you did for us. You captured all the brilliant ideas, discussions and thoughts so respectively and elegantly. Every stakeholder who has seen your work has commented on how engaging it is and really assists in getting the conversations flowing.

Candice Thomson, Central Queensland Wide Bay Sunshine Coast PHN

Mel helped to bring our evaluation process to life, by capturing our program’s history and successes in two amazing visual harvests. We bring these pictures with us to many of our meetings, and continually get great feedback from community members, services providers, researchers and politicians. I cannot thank Mel enough for her ability to capture our story in such a creative, engaging manner.

Dr Connie Allen, Relationships Australia Queensland

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