Campfire Co-op is an expanding group of facilitators, hosts, consultants, guides, practitioners and curious learners in ways of working that transform the impact we have on the world. Our foundations are deeply embedded in the practices and principles of the Art of Hosting, self-organising and Groundwork.


We want to be in service to others in these practices, and experiment, innovate and model them in our own organisation.


We are creating an organisation for the future - learning, practicing and modelling ways of being more human together. Of working together for something greater than ourselves, while lifting ourselves up so we can bring our best selves into our work and our lives. We are walking our talk.


So, we are co-creating this new kind of collaborative platform, based on the forms that are beginning to emerge around the world - known in many guises as ‘teal’, ‘self-management’, ‘next stage organisations’ or ‘conscious, evolved organisations’.

We are a collaborative, networked organisation that operates as a living system. Our strong intention is to create a lasting for-purpose enterprise that benefits everyone and our planet.


We are all in service of our purpose: Guides for a new future

How we work
Campfire Co-op: a member owned for-purpose enterprise

We use innovative and highly effective ways of working and being in the world, including participatory leadership (the Art of Hosting) and self-organising principles. Our own organisation is based on this way of co-creating the future.


It’s an art and a science, and we are dedicated to working with anyone who also wants to learn and practice in this way. We dream of healthy organisations and communities that are living up to their potential, filled with engaged people who are bringing their best for the benefit of all.


Learn about our Co-op structure

Read our blogpost Welcome to the Campfire

Meet the team

We are all skilled or emerging practitioners in the Art of Hosting, self-organising systems and Groundwork, among other gifts and talents. We all of bring diverse perspectives, capacities and experience to the Co-op and our work.

If you want to join Campfire or learn more, consider becoming a Contributor, Supporter or Ally.

Mel Geltch

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Jane O'Brien

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Moze (Michelle) Crozier

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Nick Tacavadii

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Kate Lawrence

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Is this you?

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of all the lands in which we work and pay respect to all Elders past, present and future, and their people, culture, and history.  In Australia, we honour that this is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and thank them for the care they have given this land for thousands of years.  

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