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About us

Campfire Co-op exists to fulfil our purpose, nourish our members, the communities we are a part of, and the planet. We are committed to our purpose as Guides for a new future.


Our work is rooted in the practice of the Art of Hosting (participatory leadership), Groundwork (powerful collaboration) and horizontal leadership, and the principles that are embedded in these ways of working.


We operate from a living systems worldview - with an assumption that groups of humans together are complex adaptive systems, and can thrive in the right conditions. We use appropriate responses to different challenges.

Our approach

Our approach is based on what we know to deliver meaningful results. This includes: nurturing relationships; responding to powerful and clear invitation; modelling our own practices; generously building capacity wherever we go; taking a whole systems view; paying attention to harvest and feedback loops; using curious ways to engage, and preparing well so we can adapt to change mid course.

We honour all of our teachers and mentors, stewards and fellow practitioners also doing this work in Australia and around the world, in many contexts. 


We acknowledge that much of the patterns and practices our work comes from the natural world, the wisdom traditions and Indigenous knowledge. We are committed to remembering these ways of being, and honouring our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders for holding this wisdom and passing it through many generations.

Meet the team

We are all skilled or emerging practitioners in the Art of Hosting, Groundwork and Horizontal Leadership. We each bring diverse perspectives, capacities and experience to the Co-op and to our work.

Jane O'Brien
Jan Elston
Mel Geltch
Nguyen Ngoc
Nguyen Ngoc Huong (Ellie)
Nick Takavadii

Join us

We've co-created an organisation for meaningful cooperative work that nourishes everyone. We all want to love our work, to contribute, participate, have freedom, agency and accountability. As well as the deep relationships, participation, learning and fun that comes from real collaboration.


We’re a self organising Cooperative based in Australia. We are a not-for-profit and fit into the social enterprise box (if there is a box for us). We have a light structure of membership (co-owners of the organisation), supporters (we’re trying each other out), mates (non-active and like minded champions), allies (organisations and groups we love) and a wisdom council of elders in our practices. 

If you feel anywhere between curious about working in a different way, right through to ‘sign me up now - I’m in!’, reach out for a conversation. We would love to hear from you.


In practice

Here are some stories of us working in these ways.

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