Inspiring intercultural conversations

How can we support each other to be safe and respected in our homes and communities?

Have you ever wondered how you would give voice to almost 100 women from diverse communities on the issue of domestic and family violence? We worked alongside a group of motivated women to design such a meaningful conversation in Brisbane. 

We used participatory processes to create an environment where women felt comfortable and free to speak their truth and concerns about domestic and family violence, and co-create possible ways forward.

This hopeful and inspiring conversation was supported by Anglicare Southern Queensland, Brisbane City Council, Pasifika Women's Alliance, African Australian Women’s Association QLD and Multicultural Australia (formerly MDA). 

It was a privilege to co-host these conversations, to experience and hear the challenges, stories of resilience and of hope and possibility. We were inspired by these women who saw that together, they could create safe spaces for themselves and their families, others in their communities and to take action when needed. They made deep connections across cultures, re-discovered the power of conversation, laughed and celebrated the beauty of women. 

How can we support each other to be safe and respected? 

Here is a collective summary of their insights: 

  • Connection, yarning, sharing 

  • Developing self 

  • Education 

  • Creating safe spaces 

  • Cultural awareness 

  • Mentoring and support groups

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