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Imagining a future for Ipswich

What’s possible when we dream together for a city for all children, young people and families?

A couple of us were invited to work with Ipswich City Council QLD as they developed a policy for children, young people and families with children, young people and families, and embedded with the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child.

We hosted community conversations in Ipswich and Springfield during Children's Week 2019. Participants of all ages and contexts were invited to discover what is already great in Ipswich, to dream about a future, and to identify steps to take together towards that future. It was joyful work to do, and fed directly into a community-owned policy. 

A year later, we were invited back to host a series of livestreamed Q&A sessions with young people from Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC), as part of the official launch of the new Council Policy. The panels focused on mental health and well-being, diversity and inclusion, employment and transitions to independence, questions sourced from Ipswich young people. IYAC members listened to powerful stories and insights from young people and supporters during the day, reflecting on what they noticed and learned in a final session.

In the words of ...

Workshop participants: 

  • A sense of hope - it feels good to collaborate

  • There is local leadership and energy in Ipswich - hearing perspectives is important

  • Authenticity of engagement we’ve had today - Council should be really proud

  • Real hope that my children will continue to be supported throughout their lives

  • Reminder how important it is to work together & capture these ideas. I will get my children and mates to participate

  • It was a good workshop! It felt culturally safe to tell my stories

  • Grateful for the opportunity to participate - excited to see what happens

  • Young people’s voices add to richness. We’re on the right track.

  • Something nice is brewing in Ipswich! An exciting time.

  • A lot of hope! Language shapes culture. Having these conversations is important

  • Conversation is never this real. Good to see Council is about the people.

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