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We all know what it takes to learn and unlearn and practice doing things differently. We’re in it too. One of our deep commitments is to build capacity in others to take on their own challenges. We invest a lot in this, and offer diverse ways of being in learning and practice with us.


We offer a range of public training, in house training, tailored online and in person workshops, group and team coaching and mentoring, and one on one coaching and mentoring to support other work. 


We are also involved in supporting communities of practice, and are ourselves practicing members of Art of Hosting and other communities of practice.


We offer the following trainings. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Art of Hosting
Graphic Harvesting

Upcoming events

We don't have any events planned just now. Let us know if you're interested in attending one in the future.

In practice

Here are some stories from trainings and events we've co-hosted.

Art of Hosting for bushfire recovery
Guides for a new future
Graphic harvesting training
Groundwork: practising generative collaboration
Art of Hosting training Canberra
Participatory Leadership training

And here's a more complete list of trainings and events we've co-hosted.

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