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A collaborative community future

How can we find a way forward together for a flourishing Sussex Inlet community?

The Sussex Inlet community on the South Coast of NSW was impacted heavily by fires, floods and COVID. Sparked by community needs, the Sussex Inlet Chamber of Commerce invited Campfire to work alongside them to facilitate a collaborative conversation.

Chamber chair Sandra Gray invited everyone together to start a conversation, inviting more connection and collaboration between Sussex Inlet community service organisations. This was funded through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal’s Investing in Rural Community Futures program, and also supported by Shoalhaven City Council.

Twenty five committed local residents and community organisation representatives came together to explore a more collaborative way forward. A key outcome from the day was a commitment to re-enliven the Neighbourhood Centre, and a proposal to use an existing foundation to bring together, support and strengthen community organisations in the town.

In the words of…

  • I didn’t think we would get this far, positivity

  • Positive energy that we are all working together

  • Passion and energy in the room

  • Hope, a future, going together

  • Proud. Thankful to take the next step

  • Strength in working together

Workshop participants


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