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The Flow Game

How can we gain more clarity and flow in our life or work?

The Flow Game is a powerful tool that uses inquiry, dialogue and the wisdom of players to seek clarity on an important question in your life or work. 

There are three of us in Campfire who are hosts of the Flow Game. We began as curious players, and have been moved to bring it to more people in more contexts. 

Who is it for? Anyone with a question or exploration as an individual, in teams and even in families. Anyone who is willing to explore, reflect and be in wise dialogue with others. 

How does it work? It's a board game and it's deceptively simple. Participants bring a question or intent to play with, and through the roll of the dice, wicked questions, the wisdom and perspectives from fellow players and your own insight, powerful clarity and movement can arise - and usually does. Face to face is wonderful, and we can also host you online in small groups.

In the words of ...

The first Flow Game I experienced was in Rhodes. At the time I was stuck with an issue that had been somehow holding me back for a long time. When Mel offered to host the Game, I had no intention of bringing this up. Little did I know how beautifully Mel would open and hold the space for all of us who participated and make it so completely safe to dive deep into my issue. The atmosphere that emerged was one of deep trust and open sharing for everybody, even though some of us had not even met before."

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, Evolution at Work &

The Flow Game was a wonderful adventure into an important question of my life. Working on crafting the question was a big gift and it is still taped to my computer screen here. My life questions since then have come from the question I played with that day.

Markus Heil, Catholic Church pastor and reformer, Switzerland

My first experience with the Flow Game was very positive. We bonded in a supportive non-threatening rhythm as we settled in the unknown of what we were exploring, both in the game, and with our questions. I found the experience confirming, so came away feeling very happy with it. With thanks for the special memory,

Jennie, Brisbane

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