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Participatory Leadership training

What’s possible when we connect and engage with people around what matters?

We were invited to offer an introduction to Participatory Leadership for the Community Development  team at Ipswich City Council QLD.  Team coordinator Brent had been introduced to the Art of Hosting years before and was keen to support his team to develop their own skills in hosting and harvesting conversations that matter with their local community. It was an immersive two day event with the small team.

We were struck by the level of commitment of the team members to their community, and desire to connect and learn and take that into their work. It was a time of great disruption and change within Council and they had continued to show up and take care of each other and their community.  Some budding hosts and graphic harvesters emerged from the group.

This was the beginning of a longer term relationship between Campfire Co-op and Ipswich City Council. We have since co-designed and hosted conversations with the executive team, about participatory meeting practice, and with the community about the future needs of children and young people and informing changes to the community grants program. Local government can be a powerful vessel for participatory leadership and change in communities.

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You understood my intention for this training perfectly, and communicated with fierce courage and complete authenticity. I learnt a lot about myself and my team in this experience and it also deepened my commitment to these practices. 


The training was excellent. Everyone had a struggle and growth opportunity in some of the activities and in others found, or re-discovered a natural way of working and a position of strength. You were all professional, humble and very respectful guides and you held all voices and their spirits and their energy exceptionally well. I really respected the way you held non-judgemental space for people when they did find something challenging. I also appreciated that you celebrated the many lightbulb moments we had together. I am very confident I have a better team for this training – I know I am a better manager for it. 

Brent Downes, Ipswich City Council 

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