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We use innovative and powerful ways of working and being in the world, based in participatory leadership and self organising ways for working with complexity and uncertainty.


We’re part of a movement that is reinventing the way we organise and work, inspired by Frederick Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations and many other people and organisations. 


Some assumptions we hold:


  • People own what they are part of creating

  • People are capable of self organising, given the right conditions

  • Work is more fun when people are able to contribute what they can 

  • Leadership can come from anywhere, not just the front

  • We are co-operative in nature, and we’re better together


If you are seeking more human ways of working together and getting things done, and are willing to step outside of what you already know, we would love to work alongside you.


The focus areas of our work are: 


In practice

Here are some stories of the work we’ve been involved in ...

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