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Science in pictures with CSIRO

The future use of Coastal and Marine imagery data, using FAIR principles — a graphic harvest

On the back of some earlier work we did together in 2017, CSIRO sought help from Campfire Co-op to support a workshop with graphic recording. The purpose was to support engagement and participation of colleagues around the future use of Coastal and Marine imagery data, using FAIR principles.

The team wanted to give their workshop participants an opportunity to absorb some technical content on a visual level as a way to engage them and to activate deeper learning, and honour their contributions going forward. As is far more usual these days, there were added complications of teams in office locations across two states, and more people joining online from their home offices. So we worked online.

Graphic harvesting, as we refer to it, is much more than real-time translation of conversations or presentations into text and pictures. In the Art of Hosting community, we plan our conversation design around the harvest we want to produce. In other words, the results we are seeking help to determine what methods we use and how.

So, remaining true to our practice, a large part of this work ended up being coaching support to redesign the workshop to focus on what the team really wanted to harvest and how. We created  a mix of pre-prepared visuals to use and some real-time graphic harvests that captured people’s ideas and expressions - in words, images and colour - as they are being spoken in the moment.

It was a challenge to bring complicated technical concepts into simpler forms, and we got some insight into some of the amazing and important work that CSIRO Coastal and Marine does in Australia.

We’re always grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn and be in practice with this work, and particularly with people we know. Relationships matter too!

In the words of ...

Thanks very much for everything you have done for us!! The team and all our participants were really impressed with your harvests. We are already getting some great feedback and I think we have managed to tick off all the outcomes we had hoped for. Thanks also for your work helping with the redesign – everyone participated and were active co-designers but better than that we feel that we formed a group that will carry this work on.

Toni Cannard  | Coastal Ecologist – Experimental Scientist CSIRO 

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