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Transforming organisations

We believe that organisations have great potential to influence our communities and systems. How can we organise for humans instead of machines, without needing to control everything? How do we uncover the potential of the humans in our organisations for the impact we dream of?


If you have a longing for something more for your organisations, for the people who work and volunteer in them, and for those it serves, we would love to talk. 


We are committed to developing capacity for participatory leaders and self organising teams and organisations wanting to transform the way they impact people and the planet. We are working in these ways ourselves, bringing expertise and practical application to our work.


We offer guidance to you and your teams to introduce new organisational practices, providing mentoring, coaching, support and skill development as you travel the path of change.

Are you holding these or similar questions:

  • How do you relate and engage with team members, partners and stakeholders? 

  • How could you host team meetings that work for everyone and get great results?

  • How could your organisation impact positively on the environment and climate?

  • How can you have important or difficult conversations about complex issues?  

  • How do you make wise decisions and address conflict? 

  • How do you support long term cultural change? 

  • How can you build capacity for all to respond to changing contexts? 

  • What if your organisation had a powerful purpose and direction created by and committed to by all?


​It’s possible with good guidance and support, frameworks, tools and practices that match the complexity of your work, and your level of willingness and courage to challenge the status quo.


This can be long term work, and we are willing to be in that work with you, wherever it goes. And, it can start with a single step.

Curious about working with us?

We'd love to have a conversation.

In practice

Here are some stories of the transformation work we’ve been involved in ...

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