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Meaningful conversations & events

When your issues and challenges are complex, and you need to gather the voices, perspectives and contributions of others, intentional conversations can support you to get unstuck and move forward wisely.


We know that bringing together people with influence and passion, lived experience and diverse expertise - to have conversations that matter, is a powerful way to get to the heart of an issue and come up with real and inspired solutions.


Our time and resources are also precious, so we want meetings of people to be impactful and useful. 


We use highly participatory and creative methods to engage and support people to co-create and collaborate - for every kind of gathering, from an hour long meeting, a workshop or conference, through to longer term projects and initiatives.


Considered design and hosting of meaningful conversations, meetings and events, and following through with wise actions, is a way to ensure that people-led action achieves real and long-lasting results.

Curious about working with us?

We'd love to have a conversation.

In practice

Here are some stories of the meaningful conversations and events we’ve been involved in ...

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