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Art of Hosting

An introduction to The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter (also known as the Art of Participatory Leadership) offers simple and powerful participatory practices, patterns and processes to host generative conversations that can lead to coordinated action and positive change.

These approaches have been used effectively in diverse contexts worldwide to harness collective wisdom, encourage compassionate leadership and collaboration, and create better social and environmental outcomes.

One of the most effective ways to learn about the Art of Hosting is to join an introductory 3 day training. Public trainings are held all over the world and in many contexts. If there is a strong call for a training by an individual or a team, organisation and community, we can respond to that invitation.

An Art of Hosting training is experiential, and many people find it is like no other training they have attended.

It is a chance to slow down, listen, be in dialogue, learn and practice various participatory processes and methodologies that are part of Art of Hosting practice.

We are members of the Australian and international Art of Hosting community and work alongside other experienced and emerging practitioners to build capacity and host trainings in Australia and overseas.

Shorter deep-dive workshops into aspects of the Art of Hosting methodologies and practices can be offered for different contexts, in person and online.

In the words of …


  • I can bring these processes into every interaction I have, and I intend to do that. To continue to walk beside my family and community, learning together as we go and creating change together. Deb

  • I’ve worked for a long time picking up the pieces down the river of people from the mistakes of society. My interest now is getting up the river and catching people before they drop in. This is a perfect way to do it. Ronan

  • I’m leaving feeling a lot calmer, more courageous and confident to go out and practice. I’m taking connection and support - it’s reassuring, awesome and I’m feeling more capable about what I need to do

  • I’m leaving hopeful, deeply nourished and deeply grateful

  • My faith restored, tolerance increased, cynicism dialled down. There is a leader in every chair!

  • I feel great hope. I think the strength we’ve built is possible. We need it so badly

  • I’ve had my reset button pressed. I’m re-booted and ready to go, with very powerful questions

  • I have a feeling my colour has been brightened. Thank you for the care, patience and guidance

  • We’ve been gifted some of the sharpest tools in the toolbox for the future

The Art of Hosting was a revelation to me, except rather than discovering something new, it was about re-finding something that I had forgotten I had already known for some time. The pinnacle for me was participating in the Design for Wiser Action process, which felt like the most sophisticated design process I have ever been involved in and I just want to do more of it.

Michelle Croker, Canberra 2018

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