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We acknowledge the people of the Yuin nation as original custodians of this land, pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and wish to walk alongside you on the path towards reconciliation.

How can we enliven our organisations and groups
in service of our communities in the Eurobodalla?

Going Horizontal: Community Governance training
Eurobodalla  22-24 November 2023

A powerful and practical training for community groups, initiatives and organisations seeking ways to bring the ‘community’ back into governance, organising and culture to support their good work.


The mainstream model for organising and governing community groups and organisations is struggling, especially with issues of employee and volunteer engagement, attraction, retention and well-being. Going Horizontal brings us practical, accessible ways forward. 


If you are part of a community group, initiative, organisation or movement that is wanting to explore shared leadership as a way to build resilience in our communities, join us in South Durras for Going Horizontal Eurobodalla. 


We will be learning practical methods and tools at the core of collaborative ways of working that offer alternative and more aligned governance structures and practices.

A community project funded by Fire to Flourish Eurobodalla, and hosted by Campfire Coop, Australia and Percolab Canada.

"Going Horizontal encourages a most radical, compassionate and timely flip in our thinking, inviting us to challenge conventional top-down approaches to teamwork that we've all known for a long time don't serve us but have perhaps never felt confident enough to challenge!

Things can be done differently. We can find peace and equanimity at work (and in other relationships), while actually becoming more efficient... so let's get started! 


Our hosts ensured a safe, open-hearted, fun and creative setting and it was wonderful to find this on my doorstep on the South Coast of NSW, I often have to travel to get such experiences. Thank you."

Cat Leach, Catfish Creative, Narooma


these questions and more:

  • What if our community groups and organisations were places of belonging, well-being, care and productivity - where we connect to ourselves, each other and beyond?

  • What can we learn from indigenous worldviews in the way our groups and organisations function? 

  • How do we work with finances in a way that supports our purpose and people?

  • How can we be more inclusive so that people of all ages and diverse backgrounds want to contribute?

  • How can we shift when conditions and habits make it feel so overwhelming?


  • Amplify your personal leadership and collaboration capacity

  • Ways to increase inclusion, diversity, trust, belonging and engagement

  • Improve attraction and keep volunteers and employees

  • More alignment and connection with your values and purpose

  • Increase capacity for creativity and innovation

  • Confidence & skills for collective decision making

  • Ways to host & contribute to engaging meetings

  • Confidence and capacity to work with challenge and conflict for better relationships

  • Deeper connections and a support network

  • Practices to use immediately in your own contexts

We'll be exploring Going Horizontal's 7 domains of practice

Who is this for?

Whether you are a cooperative, an incorporated association, a registered charity, a social enterprise, social entrepreneurs or a group of people wanting to do something good together this is for you.

You may be:

  • Interested or Involved in the sharing economy, climate or social justice, renewable energy microgrids, community gardens, or other community-led resilience building activities

  • Volunteer board members, or front line volunteers of any community groups

  • Organisation and business leaders, workers and social entrepreneurs

  • Elected or aspiring representatives and next generation leaders

Consider coming along with others - we’re better together!

The Going Horizontal practices and tools have been integrated into start-ups, government, non-profits, community organisations, social enterprises, co-ops, arts and cultural organisations, private sector organisations and cross sector initiatives in Canada, Australia and across the world. They have emerged from, and build on Art of Hosting practices.  


No matter what your role is, these practices can help you work more effectively with others.


Part of the shift to more equitable ways is economy, so we are offering an experience of one way of practising shared economy. You can choose between traditional pricing or shared economy. 


Traditional pricing - pay the set fees

Shared Economy - You will make a first payment which covers the very basic costs of hosting the training when you register. You make a commitment to a second payment that you decide on during the training, based on transparent budget information, and your own context. This is a chance to experience a different way of working with / sharing economy.

Fees include training fees and resources, and food and refreshments during the day. Accommodation is your responsibility. 

The impact of this training is very powerful when you join as a group. We are offering discounts if you come with 3 or more from the same organisation or group. 


Traditional pricing

Shared economy
- payment 1








Large NGOs, business,    government or self-employed

Community  groups outside Eurobodalla

Eurobodalla community groups

  • all fees include GST

Groups of 3+

Traditional pricing

Shared economy
- payment 1







Large NGOs, business, government, self-employed: We ask those with capacity to pay the full fee - either large NGOs, for profit organisations or government with their own professional development budgets, or self-employed. This will support the shared economy for the training.


Community groups outside Eurobodalla: Community groups, initiatives, organisations located outside this area are very welcome, and have a part-subsidy available, also through Fire to Flourish.


Eurobodalla community groups: Community groups, initiatives, organisations with their closest town in the Eurobodalla, will be generously funded by the Fire to Flourish Eurobodalla program.

If these fees are a barrier, please get in touch, or indicate this when you register, and we'll contact you. Our aim is to support everyone who wants to attend to be there, regardless of your capacity to pay.

Contact regarding fees or more information about the training:

Mel Geltch 
0400 412 498 

Alison Worthington
0416 213 210

The team

We'll be other experienced horizontal leadership practitioners. 

Alison Worthington


Hi, I’m Alison, a community connector living and working on Yuin Country.

As an activist  and an elected representative to my local council  I thrive on

engaging with people with wide-ranging views on the big issues of inequality, environmental justice and how we build the  world we must, where wide prosperity is available to all.

I’m a life-long learner building up my skills in empathic listening, non-violent communication,  working well in teams, facilitating effective and inclusive meetings and exploring new forms of governance grounded in participatory processes. This has included completing  Art of Hosting training in 2022.

Mel Geltch 

I am a community and organisational activist living on Yuin Country, practising and accompanying others in a shift towards and back to shared leadership and cooperation. I was inspired to co-create Campfire Coop in 2017, after decades of trying to have a positive impact in largely broken systems, meeting a deep longing for work that cares for people, the land and all life. 

I love to share what I’ve learned from Art of Hosting, Going Horizontal and other ways of bringing out the best of humanity. I find hope and courage from being and working alongside others wanting a better way forward. 

Nick Takavadii

I am an advocate for transformation towards collaborative ways of working and being. I practice this in Campfire Co-op, where I am a member-owner.

I live in Meainjin Brisbane. My work across Southern Africa and here in Australia brings a deep understanding of the richness and need for authentic participation and diversity in our organisations.  

My view of leadership was fundamentally shifted in 2006 when I discovered the Art of Hosting and later Going Horizontal shared leadership practices. I’ve spent some time sharing these on the NSW South Coast in the past 2 years, and I’m excited to be back on Yuin Country.

Samantha Slade

I am an immigrant living on Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabeg ancestral lands in Montreal, Canada. i have a background in Cultural Anthropology and a first career in education. At age 40 I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to reimagine what an organisation might be, as a microcosm of the world we dream of. My company, Percolab Coop, is an employee owned and run lab, 15 years young. We work with courageous clients around the world, helping them live their purpose, grow shared leadership and ideally, decolonise, and we work on ourselves. In 2018 I wrote the book Going Horizontal, to share some of our learnings about horizontal leadership. I am deeply embedded in the living lab, FABcity and Commons movements, and Art of Hosting international community.

Paul Messer


I am a human and earth-centred designer, teaching design thinking to work with complexity and using it with a vast range of clients. I have been a co-owner of Percolab Canada for more than a decade, living and working in Tiohtià:ke / Montreal. As a designer, my creative drive and prototype mind thrive on constraints. Tapping into my background as an industrial designer, I draw real-time visual map murals and make custom objects to support group innovation and co-design processes. I am engaged in the ArtHive, FabLab and FabCity movements, and understand how creative processes can affect social change. I’m an active member of the international Art of Hosting and visual practitioner communities.

Trang Nguyen

I am a curious being who loves to listen to people’s stories, to dream of what could become possible when we come together across divides. I studied Software Engineering and Sustainability Leadership and have worked in various sectors from technology, marketing, education to human rights and organisational development. In all of those experiences, my craft is about hosting people for effective collaboration and transparency, to turn assumptions into curiosity, disagreement into shared exploration. Most recently, I started learning to build a living community on a mountain land in Vietnam, making our own movements for the system change we want to create. I am an active member of the international community of the Art of Hosting, Flow Game and Ecovillage network.

Appreciation for Going Horizontal

What I appreciate about Going Horizontal training is….  

  • How true to who we are the Going Horizontal practices and processes are

  • Working so explicitly / clearly with worldview awareness. Slowly decolonising ourselves

  • That it is about real practice and not just activities. Real ways that I can take and continue to apply in work and life

  • New tools, pioneer spirit, like-hearted community

  • The style, energy, the people, the transparency. The welcome to show up as yourself, the encouragement to ask questions, the invitation to explore how working differently symbiotically can change your life

  • Practice Practice Practice. I appreciated the synchronicities in the processes, the ease & flow, more clarity, a toolbox to practice (& change the world)

  • The opportunity to learn, explore and put into practice a new way of being in my life and work

  • People with passion, humanity, openness and humour

“We work hard to employ people so they can develop into leaders. But we don’t always have the tools to help people achieve their potential. Going Horizontal provides the tools to create opportunities for everyone to participate in decision making and leadership.”

Anne Hodge, head of Community Services Campbell Page, 

"Going Horizontal is an idea whose time has come. I think it’s very important for today’s world because it is about social justice and treating everyone equally. Letting go of hierarchy, changing paradigms. 


We went really deep. I really enjoyed the practices and the tools, but also the pioneer spirit that’s behind this and this capacity to break new ground. I learned many practical tools that will help me.

Lina Mbirkou, Head of Master Facilitators Australia Post

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