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Going Horizontal Training

Australia  |  February 2023
Are you really ready for new ways of working and organising?

"At this turning point in our relationship with Earth, we work for an evolution: from dominance to partnership; from fragmentation to connection; from insecurity, to interdependence."
Declaration of Independence, David Suzuki Foundation


The mainstream organisational model is struggling, from employee needs, to issues of attraction, well-being, and retention. Going Horizontal brings us practical, accessible ways forward. 


If you are part of an organisation or movement that is rethinking its approach to leadership or refining its democratic practices, join us in Sydney for Going Horizontal Camp. Alternatively, you can join one day Horizontal Leadership workshops in Brisbane, South Coast of NSW, and Shoalhaven NSW.


Campfire Coop and Percolab Coop Canada invite you to an immersive, collective and meaningful experience - propelling personal, organisational and system change through practical methods, tools and strategies at the core of collaborative ways of working.

The Going Horizontal practices and tools have been integrated into private sector organisations, start-ups, government, non-profits, community organisations, arts and cultural organisations, co-ops and cross sector initiatives in Canada and across the world.  No matter what your role is, these sets of practices can help you work more effectively with others.

Going Horizontal events

Going Horizontal Camp: Sydney

Tuesday 21-Thursday 23 February 2023
Friday 24 February - optional Team Lab

Mosman Rowers, Mosman


Horizontal Leadership workshop
South Coast NSW

Wednesday 15 February 9am-5pm

Tilba Valley Winery, Tilba

Horizontal Leadership workshop

Friday 17 February 9am-5pm

Events on Oxlade, New Farm

Horizontal Leadership workshop
Shoalhaven NSW

Monday 27 February 9am-5pm

Berry School of Arts, Berry 

The team

Samantha Slade - Percolab co-founder Montreal Canada

Author of Going Horizontal: Creating a Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time (2018). 

I am an immigrant with a background in Cultural Anthropology and I have a first career in education. At age 40 I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to reimagine what an organisation might be, as a microcosm of the world we dream of.


My company, Percolab Coop, is an employee owned and employee run lab, 15 years young. We work with courageous clients around the world, helping them live their purpose, grow shared leadership and ideally, decolonise, and we work on ourselves.


Our applied research helps us develop innovative products like the Listen For… card game, The Conflict Café or Practical Conscious Economics for the Workplace, and of course my book Going Horizontal. Reclaiming work, learning, and governance as spaces of reconnection and even healing is part of the Great Turning we are in.


I am deeply embedded in the living lab, FABcity and Commons movements, and Art of Hosting international community. It is my first visit to Australia.

Lori Palano, Percolab Co-director, Montreal Canada

I came into facilitation and hosting 30 years ago, taking the Global Change Game to hundreds of communities across Canada and spearheading the development of the game in French.


Today I am host and facilitator of two other system change games, Listen for… and Flow Game, that I bring into my organisational innovation work. I support international NGOs to grow their shared leadership and healthy collaboration. I believe we can bring deep system change in ways that are light and delightful, and sometimes include Haiku! 

Lori b&w.jpg

I am aware of the challenges of decolonisation from my work in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and my connection to indigenous communities and worldviews in Canada and Turtle Island. I look forward to learning more in my first visit to Australia. 

And from Campfire Coop: 

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