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Going Horizontal 

Are you really ready for new ways of working and organising?

"At this turning point in our relationship with Earth, we work for an evolution: from dominance to partnership; from fragmentation to connection; from insecurity, to interdependence."
Declaration of Independence, David Suzuki Foundation


The mainstream organisational model is struggling, from employee needs, to issues of attraction, well-being, and retention. Going Horizontal brings us practical, accessible ways forward, based on years of research and Samantha Slade's book.


If you are part of an organisation or movement that is rethinking its approach to leadership or refining its democratic practices, we can walk alongside you. We have been working with these ways in Campfire Coop since we began 6 years ago, and continue to experiment and practice, and share those learnings with others. 


Along with Percolab Coop Canada hosted a series of Going Horizontal trainings during February 2023 - in Sydney, Brisbane, South Coast and Shoalhaven regions of NSW, as a way of making these practices to Australian organisations. These immersive experiences help propel personal, organisational and system change through practical methods, tools and strategies at the core of collaborative ways of working. 

The Going Horizontal practices and tools have been integrated into private sector organisations, start-ups, government, non-profits, community organisations, arts and cultural organisations, co-ops and cross sector initiatives in Canada and across the world.  No matter what your role is, these sets of practices can help you work more effectively with others.

Exploring these questions and more:

  • How do we really operate our organisations from the depth of their values and purpose?

  • How can we shift our organisations when conditions and habits make it feel so overwhelming? 

  • What if organisations were places of belonging, well-being, care and productivity - where we connect to ourselves, each other and beyond?

  • How do we nourish new structures and culture with shared power, personal leadership, care and fairness?

  • What are we really letting go of when we engage in a shared leadership journey? 

  • What changes are needed for us to run our teams and organisations together? 

  • How do we work with finances and budget in a way that supports our purpose and people?

Impact for your organisation

  • Amplify everyone's personal leadership and collaboration capacity

  • Increase, inclusion, belonging and engagement

  • Improve attraction and keep employees

  • Increase your innovation capacity

If you interested in knowing more about how we can accompany you, please get in touch, or click below to find out more about our latest in person offering.

Appreciation for Going Horizontal

What I appreciate about Going Horizontal training is….  

  • How true to who we are the Going Horizontal practices and processes are

  • Working so explicitly / clearly with worldview awareness. Slowly decolonising ourselves

  • That it is about real practice and not just activities. Real ways that I can take and continue to apply in work and life

  • New tools, pioneer spirit, like-hearted community

  • The style, energy, the people, the transparency. The welcome to show up as yourself, the encouragement to ask questions, the invitation to explore how working differently symbiotically can change your life

  • Practice Practice Practice. I appreciated the synchronicities in the processes, the ease & flow, more clarity, a toolbox to practice (& change the world)

  • The opportunity to learn, explore and put into practice a new way of being in my life and work

  • People with passion, humanity, openness and humour

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