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We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people of the Canberra region, where we will hold this training. We recognise yours as among the oldest continuing cultures in human history, and are grateful for your deep care for country. We hope to walk alongside you on the path towards voice, treaty and truth.

A training to help courageous leaders and teams working in complexity to breakthrough to the next level of collaboration, innovation and care. 


Legacy systems, structures and cultures can make it challenging to work together with our ideals of shared power, participation and autonomy. 


Effective collaborators today know how to bring generative and inclusive ways of working together with flow and productivity.  


In this training, you’ll learn to combine pragmatic practices of shared leadership with collective intelligence theory and worldview awareness to bring greater alignment to your work in teams, across teams and with multi-stakeholder partners and projects.  


Explore key collaborative practices and tools that are both efficient and enlivening. You’ll surface insights about challenges and opportunities that you can focus on to breakthrough into shared leadership. 

Join a diverse international team of experienced Horizontal Leadership practitioners  at the National Museum of Australia for this three day experience.


Based on the best selling book by Samantha Slade Going Horizontal: Creating non-hierarchical organisations one practice at a time, and more than 15 years of combined applied research and experimentation.


A partnership between Percolab Canada and Campfire Coop, Australia.

"Going Horizontal encourages a most radical, compassionate and timely flip in our thinking, inviting us to challenge conventional top-down approaches to teamwork that we've all known for a long time don't serve us but have perhaps never felt confident enough to challenge!

"Things can be done differently. We can find peace and equanimity at work (and in other relationships), while actually becoming more efficient... so let's get started!"

Cat Leach, Catfish Creative


Leaders and team members: 

  • wanting to bring meaningful collaboration into existing structures and teams, in government, NFPs or the private sector

  • working in innovation, HR, Diversity and Inclusion, Psychosocial health & wellbeing or ESG

  • of collectives, coops, social enterprise, B Corps etc

  • leading regenerative or climate action initiatives

  • Working remotely, in office or hybrid

  • interested in or already engaged in co-management, participatory leadership, healthy collaboration


Join as a team to jump start your culture and shared leadership practice.


  • Gain insights and tools to clarify shared purpose, and strengthen engagement, autonomy, accountability and collective decision making

  • Deepen your understanding of the interplay between personal leadership, worldviews and system change

  • Discover how practice can be a pathway for creating new guidelines and procedures

  • Embed justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into everyday practice

  • Strengthen and energise your learning culture 

  • Grow your team or workplace collaboration culture based on the Inner Development Goals 


Skills and capacities you will develop:

  • Quality listening

  • Innovation mindset 

  • Courage, optimism and energy

  • Confidence and ease with collaborative practices 

  • Self leadership 

  • Taking ownership and strengthening accountability

  • Healthy practices to strengthen relationships and address tensions

You will also receive a copy of Going Horizontal as the key resource for this work, additional practical resources and reading, and an online follow up session.

7 domains of practice.jpg

We'll explore 
Going Horizontal's
7 domains of practice

The practices and tools in this training have been integrated into start-ups, government, non-profits, community organisations, social enterprises, co-ops, arts and cultural organisations, private sector organisations and cross sector initiatives in Canada, Australia and across the world. 


“We work hard to employ people so they can develop into leaders. But we don’t always have the tools to help people achieve their potential. Going Horizontal provides the tools to create opportunities for everyone to participate in decision making and leadership.”

Anne Hodge, Head of Community Services Campbell Page 

"Going Horizontal is an idea whose time has come. I think it’s very important for today’s world because it is about social justice and treating everyone equally. Letting go of hierarchy, changing paradigms. 


We went really deep. I really enjoyed the practices and the tools, but also the pioneer spirit that’s behind this and this capacity to break new ground. 

Lina Mbirkou, Head of Master Facilitators Australia Post

What I appreciate about Going Horizontal training is….  

  • How true to who we are the Going Horizontal practices and processes are​

  • That it is about real practice and not just activities. Real ways that I can take and continue to apply in work and life

  • The style, energy, the people, the transparency. The welcome to show up as yourself, the encouragement to ask questions, the invitation to explore how working differently can change your life

  • Practice Practice Practice. I appreciated the synchronicities in the processes, the ease & flow, more clarity, a toolbox to practice

  • People with passion, humanity, openness and humour

Participants: Going Horizontal Sydney February 2023


Click on the photos to learn a little about us.

Samantha Slade

Montreal, Canada

Paul Messer

Montreal, Canada


Mel Geltch
NSW South Coast

Nick Takavadii
Meanjin / Brisbane

Trang Nguyen Hanoi, Vietnam



Samantha Slade on the Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

"Rarely is it in a conversation that I have an entire paradigm, my entire understanding of the topic and worldview upended by a guest, and this is what happens on this episode" - Zoë Routh

Interview with Samantha Slade on Going Horizontal book at HR Congress in Montreal 6 mins


Leadermorphosis podcast: Practicing Self Management 

Samantha Slade TedX Geneva

The future is in business as commons



Part of the shift to more equitable ways is how we handle the economy for the training, so we are offering an experience of one way of practising shared economy. You can choose between traditional pricing or shared economy. 


Traditional pricing - pay the set fees

Shared Economy - You will make a first payment which covers the very basic costs of hosting the training when you register. You make a commitment to a second payment that you decide on during the training, based on transparent budget information, and your own context. This is a chance to experience a different way of working with / sharing economy.

All fees include training fees and resources, and food and refreshments during the day. It also includes a copy of Going Horizontal:    the source book for this framework and practices.

The impact of this training is very powerful when you join as a group. We are preferencing groups of 3 or more from the same group or organisation by offering discounts on fees. All fees include GST


Traditional pricing  $1320pp

Shared economy     

- payment 1               $660pp

GROUPS of 3+​

Traditional pricing  $1100pp
Shared economy   

- payment 1               $550pp

If these fees are a barrier, please get in touch, or indicate this when you register, and we'll contact you. Our aim is to support everyone who wants to attend to be there, regardless of your capacity to pay.

Contact regarding fees or more information about the training:
Mel Geltch -  or 0400 412 498          

Nick Takavadii - or  0444 509 093

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