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Graphic harvesting training

How do we support powerful learning and engagement for everyone?

Graphic harvesting, as we refer to it, is much more than drawing pretty pictures. It is a meaningful and powerful way to engage diverse groups of people, and inform and activate deeper learning. It is a skill that can be learned and practiced. We use a lot of graphics in our work. We also offer public and in-house trainings - and an ability to draw is NOT a prerequisite!

Anne Madsen, a gifted and experienced graphic facilitator and her colleague Nanna Frank have written several books about their learning model, the first specifically for Danish education. Their latest book is in English and is available online.

We had hosted training alongside Anne Madsen before, and we continued our own learning of her methods and practice in 2019. We are now trained in the learning model and training Anne had delivered in Denmark and across Europe and Australia.

With Anne in Australia we organised and co-hosted 2 trainings, one in Canberra and the second in Brisbane, in February 2019. Our aim was to offer accessible and affordable quality learning experiences.

Participants came from a range of contexts, either as facilitators and hosts wanting to learn or develop their graphics practice, through to engagement teams from local government and a water authority, community organisers and climate change activists, people working in the field of community development, disability, and more.

We heard stories of immediate application and are still seeing how the skills participants learned are being used in their work today.

In the words of ...

What a great workshop, run with kindness and heart.  I loved every minute, I learnt a lot and had fun.  We are sharing some tools that we learnt at QDN as a few of us have done the training and we plan to practise and build up our own graphic dictionary to be used in our easy English guides and drawings. Your knowledge and skill was passed on in a safe and connected manner and I thank you for that. Heartful thanks.

Leigh, Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd (QDN)

Thankyou for a truly amazing two days last week.  I came away so inspired and with some confidence to have a go.  In fact we’re having a staff planning day this Thursday and Leigh and I are going to harvest!

Sharyn, Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd (QDN)

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