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Nick Takavadii

Brisbane QLD

0444 509 093

Obscure email

I view my work as being a catalyst for transformation towards collaborative and participatory ways of working.

My professional background is in software systems consultancy where I have led cross-functional teams to help organisations improve their business performance. In my work with both technical experts and executives, I have always been fascinated by the variation in individual, team and project performance depending on how people relate and work with each other.

In 2006, I stumbled upon the Art of Hosting practice (aka Participatory Leadership), which fundamentally changed my understanding of the role of leadership in projects and organisations.

The Art of Hosting practices and principles are now at the core of how I show up as a human, in community initiatives, my voluntary work with humans in prison, as a social entrepreneur, a permaculture and Agile Project Management practitioner and in my work in Campfire Coop.

I was drawn to Campfire by the inviting loving hearts of its members and our shared passion for not just promoting but living and being in the practice of collaboration, learning and guiding movement towards transformative participatory and generative ways of working.

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