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Mel Geltch

South Coast NSW

0400 412 498

Obscure email

It matters to me that I’m working with others in endeavours that benefit people and the planet, in more human ways of doing business, and of strengthening communities. I get a lot of practice in this in Campfire. I’m learning so much about myself and what it takes to collaborate and co-create better futures.

My work is responding to invitation from people in organisations and communities wanting to shift the way they are working, and practising that in our own organisation. It is deeply embedded in the principles of the Art of Hosting (participatory leadership), complexity and self-organising human systems.

My background is varied - in the areas of journalism, communications, learning, events, leadership and change across government, the media, and community and cultural sectors.

I am a steward, practitioner and learner of Art of Hosting and Flow Game, and work with the practices of Groundwork and Dialogue for Peaceful Change. I’m a Warm Data Lab host, and a graphic harvester and coach – drawing to make sense of what we learn together when we gather.

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