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Jane O'Brien

Inverell NSW

0458 255 232

Obscure email

I am  a passionate, big hearted person who thrives when working with people. I love witnessing others discover their own gifts and talents, and their connection to nature and each other.

I’m a nature lover and a food grower. My calling is to collaborate with others to create thriving community-based urban food farms in regional places that are born of and evolve using participatory and collaborative processes. I believe in the potential of regional and rural living as a gentler lifestyle where together we can contribute to regenerating our earth.

I’m the mother of three highly spirited teenagers who challenge the status quo and have shaped me and allowed me to grow in unimaginable ways. I’m a strong advocate for people who don’t ‘fit the box’ in different contexts and systems.

I have a background in food technology in multinational food companies, working with quality and food safety systems, change management, training, research and product development.

I’m a member of Campfire Co-op because I am nourished by being in learning and practice with others in more human ways of working. This is a place where I can bring my whole self, feel at ease and have fun!

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