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Practising peace together with the Flow Game

We were part of a global event on the International Day of Peace - September 21 - hosting a few of the 60 plus Flow Games played across the world.

We shared the focus question of What inspiration and clarity am I longing to find to help me practise a little bit more peace each day?

Peace is about ceasing fire and non-violence and it is also about practicing peace ourselves, with others and for the world.​ It can be challenging. It can require vision, real action, support, leadership, courage, deep inspiration, personal grounding. That is why we chose to offer ourselves and others a moment to connect with and strengthen our own practice of peace.​

Jen and Nick hosted a game at Amparo Advocacy in Brisbane, Moze one on Coochiemudlo Island, QLD and Mel, an online game for players in Inverell, NSW and Tasmania.

There was a lot of laughter and deep and powerful insights across all games - and the ‘magic in the middle’ (or serendipity) that often shows up in a Flow Game certainly did!

Players in one game left with an expanded sense of what peace is, with joy and the flow of energy a part of this, not only calm and stillness. We also took many personal insights of how to bring more peace into our lives and work.

International Day of Peace was the day the violent Covid lockdown protests were taking place in Melbourne. It felt like we were somehow offering some balance to this. Contributing in a small way to a little more peace in the world.

From one player: “I really liked the playfulness, freedom and creativity as well as the synergistic resonant stuff that happens in such a sacred space. (Insights) have stayed with me and even yesterday I put new things into action. Cascades of transformation.”

Some of the questions players brought to the game:

  • How can I bring a little bit more peace into my life now?

  • What is possible if I overcome my fear?

  • What enables me to be in the service of healing?

What question are you holding, for yourself, your team, your organisation or your family?

If you want to play Flow Game, contact any of us for an in-person or online game in business or personal contexts.


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