End of year appreciation and blessings

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

Nearing the end of this third full year of Campfire, we’ve pulled out all the stops and updated our website.

We have learned so much, and done loads of good work since we began in early 2017. Members and supporters have come and gone, we’ve morphed while staying clear and strong in our principles and our practice. Our purpose is a lot clearer to us than when we started - it has evolved to Guides for a new future.

We believe the kind of work we’re in is needed in the world, so we keep going. We’ve grown into ourselves I guess you could say. If we could be counted in dog or cat years, perhaps we are teenagers.

It’s been a tough year, also with it’s own delights and opportunities to learn and grow.

Right now, there are eight of us around the fire. We honour David, who has stepped out to continue with his bushfire recovery work on the Far South Coast of NSW, and Megan and Hilly who have also stepped ou