Moze (Michelle) Crozier

Coochiemudlo Island QLD

0411 398 157

Obscure email

I responded to the invitation to co-create Campfire Co-op as a way to be in deep participatory leadership practice. I wanted to walk my talk by creating a non-hierarchical work environment based on high trust and self organising principles. I bring unique gifts of rapid information synthesis, graphic harvesting, and hosting conversations in small and large groups, service evaluation, organisational reform and change management. I have a strong commitment to host conversations that matter and harvesting wise action from those conversations.

I have worked and played in the human service sector supporting and serving people for over 20 years. I have experience in service management, academic research (published), project management and facilitation, as well as lived experience as a parent of children with unique needs.

My calling is to work with people who are curious about each other and changing the way things currently get done in organisations and the world. I believe that meaningful conversations and good participatory process are keys to unlocking wise action for individuals, workplaces, communities and systems for a more creative, curious, tolerant and compassionate world. I am an Art of Hosting practitioner and a Flow Game host.