Kate Lawrence

Macedon VIC

The rules and procedure, terms of engagement, justice and fairness and how we work together and treat each other, is at the heart of my work with Campfire.

It was also at the heart of my work as a community lawyer for over 15 years. But the ‘us and them’, black and white mindset inherent in the adversarial political and hierarchical systems does not serve us as communities, organisations or individuals.

But dialogue does - the often simple but profoundly effective ways of inviting us to hear each other, express ourselves, sense into the collective, and experience the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

So 15 years ago I left the law to find, learn and practice creating spaces where we can acknowledge each other as fully feeling human beings and create connection, as the bedrock of trust and collaboration.

I have worked in community development and engagement, disaster preparedness and recovery, and in women’s advocacy. I am also a practising storyteller and audio producer.

My aim in Campfire Co-op is to be in collaborative practice and aligned purpose, designing and sharing ways we can draw on and sense into our shared humanity, to achieve anything together.

We proudly acknowledge First Nations people and their continuous care of and connection
to country, community and culture, and pay deep respect to all elders.

People together 
are stronger

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