Jen Barrkman

Brisbane QLD

Obscure email

Working in circles not rows has been at the heart of much of my work since I studied organisational psychology nearly 30 years ago.

Since then I have facilitated and organised training, workshops, team development, forums and conferences as well as oral history, digital story and community projects for community and government organisations. I have worked alongside and with people with disability, mental health issues, people from diverse cultural backgrounds and LGBTI community members. My gift is in creating inclusive, connected, playful  spaces where people can learn about themselves and others through sharing and listening to stories and experiences.

I am a co-founder of Red Thread Stories Australia Inc, a not for profit that engages people and communities through story and Playback Theatre. I also work as a psychologist using mindfulness and narrative based approaches.

I joined Campfire because we strive to be congruent with our values - “we walk the talk” - and use processes and structures that model participatory leadership and genuinely value each person. The world needs more places where people, regardless of their role or position, are respected as equal contributors.