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Daryl Cook

Melbourne VIC

Obscure email

I believe the communities we live in, and the organisations we work in, should be places where people thrive and show up fully as human beings.

I’ve spent most of my working life helping organisations and their leaders see the world differently and influencing long-term organisational and cultural change.  Mid-career, I wandered into the world of organisational storytelling via a lineage of Dave Snowden’s work in complexity. Using narrative approaches, I helped organisations make sense of complex problems, allowing the emergence of shared understandings and collective decision making. My work has been influenced and informed by complexity and its application ever since.

I’m skilled at inviting and listening to different perspectives, and helping individuals and groups to discover their own way forward.

I joined Campfire Co-op to do meaningful work in ways that honour people and evoke our best human qualities. I crave the deep relationships, participation, learning and fun that comes from real collaboration.  I’m excited to not only work with others exploring self-organisation and participatory leadership, but to continue to learn, practice and model it.

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