Sophie Drew

Kyogle NSW Australia

I fall into the curious learners section of Campfire Coop – curious how we can work together in a better way and achieve a better outcome for ourselves and the communities that we are a part of. 


Of course, this is always a work in practice and I recognise that I feel the most engaged and alive when I am learning new things and meeting new people who are passionate about change for the better.


I am at the beginning of a new journey, which has brought me to the community of Kyogle, NSW – from Federal Government based work in Canberra. I have held a variety of fast-paced roles in Government and Corporate sectors, where the time for stopping and reflecting has never been part of the process.


I now understand the importance of taking time out and looking at what is working and what is not working in our lives – and recognising and learning how to change this to move forward to a better place.


I have skirted around, for several years, the concepts that Campfire Coop brings to life so well.  I am excited to be part of a growing movement of ‘change’ to how we work together.  Campfire Coop brings so much caring and compassion into understanding people and what motivates and engages them to be the best they can be as individuals and within a team.  

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of all the lands in which we work and pay respect to all Elders past, present and future, and their people, culture, and history.  In Australia, we honour that this is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and thank them for the care they have given this land for thousands of years.  

Co-operative enterprises build
a better world