We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of all the lands in which we work and pay respect to all Elders past, present and future, and their people, culture, and history.  In Australia, we honour that this is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and thank them for the care they have given this land for thousands of years.  

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Nora Ganescu

Core team & co-founder

Bratislava, Slovakia

I was born in Transylvania (Romania), the multi-cultural epicenter in Europe. All my life I’ve been bringing together different people and helping them understand, respect and learn from each other.


You could say engagement was my thing before I even built my career around it.

My first experience of engaging people in a professional sense was at age 21. I was a training participant at the Council of Europe. Never before had I encountered simulation games or any form of non-formal learning.


I remember the trainer asking me “How do you feel?” This question led to one of the biggest revelations of my life: Feelings matter. Which means people matter.


That day I realized something that’s driven my entire career. I can work better if I am entirely present and if I am valued for my whole being. Since then I’ve helped international organizations value people in a way that leads to phenomenal results.​ When we combine our strengths with other human beings to pursue a shared goal, the benefits to society are tremendous.​ 21 years on, I’m still on a sacred mission to create spaces that help people shine (and help society thrive).

Today, as a consultant, coach and passionate member of the Art of Hosting community, I’m deeply committed to making it easier for leaders to change their teams, networks or communities from the inside out.

When I’m not revolutionizing organizations where people genuinely connect, feel seen and contribute their best, you can find me exploring new places and new ideas, reading, spending time with my husband and son and generally connecting people in meaningful ways. 


We came together in the Campfire Co-op to bring transformation to many companies and organizations that need it. I am excited to be part of such a pool of talent and expertise, and multiply our capacity to serve.