The art of preparing the field for powerful collaboration



How do we create the conditions for generative collaboration?

How do we support individuals and teams to organise and do their best work together?

So many situations in our lives demand that we collaborate, and do it well. Never before have our collective efforts been so needed or the outcomes so critical. While each of us have a responsibility to develop our individual skills and capacities, our visions of the future will only be realised through teams, organisations, communities and societies. It’s time to look behind the scenes at the nature of organising and collaborating.


Groundwork is a personal and collective practice for strengthening collaboration which can be integrated and applied to any aspect of life. The purpose of this 2.5-day Groundwork training is to build our individual and collective  capacities to collaborate more effectively and with more powerful results. We will explore and deepen the elements of Groundwork practice through a framework called the Foundations of Powerful Collaboration.


We will apply this to projects and initiatives that participants are already working with. Using this framework we will explore principles, practices and tools that can support us in practising Groundwork more consciously.

What will you get out of the training?

You will be introduced to the core elements of Groundwork practice. In particular, the training will explore:

  • How do we build a solid foundation for powerful collaboration?

  • How could we practice more harmonious ways of organising ourselves, each other and the work that matters?

  • How do we invite others to work with us in an authentic and artful way?

  • How do we nurture inspired and connected teams committed to creating meaningful impact?

  • How do we create structures that reflect and support the deeper need and purpose we are serving?

  • Where has this worked before, and what are good stories of application that can inspire and strengthen our work?​

Who should come?

This training is designed for people working in teams that are interested in working more with process, participation and engagement. We encourage teams to attend together and to bring a concrete project which can be used as a focus for the practice. 

Groundwork is for you, if you:

  • Have an idea or goal you want to achieve, or project to work on

  • Work within Government or Business in urban or rural environments

  • Work or volunteer with nonprofit or grassroots organisations

  • Serve on a Board of Directors

  • Work with Social Enterprise

  • Work in multi-stakeholder or cross-sector collaborations

  • Are an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

  • Need to grow connections with people with similar questions.

"Just as every good farmer focuses all his attention on sustaining and enhancing the quality of the soil, every good organisational leader focuses all her attention on sustaining and enhancing the quality of the social field that she is responsible for."



  • Early bird $880 (incl. GST) - until 11 January 2019

  • General $1210 (incl. GST) - from 12 January 2019

If fees are a barrier, please get in touch for a conversation.


We offer scholarships, and discounts for teams of 3+, and if you join the Graphic Facilitation training the same week.

6-8 FEBRUARY 2019


Wednesday 6 February 7pm-9pm

Thursday 7 & Friday 8 February 9am-5pm


Australian Centre for Christianity & Culture, Barton ACT



James Ede, Mel Geltch, David Newell & Mark Spain

Contact  Mel Geltch  |  | 0400 412 498

Join us to explore Groundwork and the nature of organisation and collaboration in your own context.

13-15 FEBRUARY 2019


Wednesday 13 February 2pm-5pm

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 February 9am-5pm


Virginia Golf Club Elliott Rd, Banyo BRISBANE



James Ede, Mel Geltch, Moze Crozier, Pam Burley & Tracy Adams



Moze (Michelle) Crozier |  0411 398 157


Join us to explore Groundwork and the nature of organisation and collaboration in your own context.

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of all the lands in which we work and pay respect to all Elders past, present and future, and their people, culture, and history.  In Australia, we honour that this is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and thank them for the care they have given this land for thousands of years.  

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