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Going Horizontal Camp

Sydney  |  21-24 February 2023
Are you really ready for new ways of working and organising?

If you are part of an organisation or movement that is rethinking its approach to leadership or refining its democratic practices, join us in Sydney for Going Horizontal Camp

The mainstream organisational model is struggling, from employee needs, to issues of attraction, well-being, and retention. Going Horizontal brings us practical, accessible ways forward. 


Campfire Coop and Percolab Coop Canada invite you to an immersive, collective and meaningful experience - propelling personal, organisational and system change through practical methods, tools and strategies at the core of collaborative ways of working.

Join Going Horizontal author Samantha Slade and colleague Lori Palano from Percolab Canada on their first visit to Australia.


It's a moment of pause, to dive into key underpinnings, explore possibilities, learn about pitfalls, strengthen your strategy and align with your values.


Practical and paradigm shifting! Exploring these questions and more:


  • How do we really operate our organisations from the depth of their values and purpose?

  • How can we shift our organisations when conditions and habits make it feel so overwhelming? 

  • What if organisations were places of belonging, well-being, care and productivity - where we connect to ourselves, each other and beyond?

  • What can we learn from indigenous worldviews in the way our organisations function? 

  • How do we nourish new structures and culture with shared power, personal leadership, care and fairness?

  • What are we really letting go of when we engage in a shared leadership journey? 

  • What changes are needed for us to run our teams and organisations together? 

  • How do we work with finances and budget in a way that supports our purpose and people?



  • Better understand shared leadership, co-management, Teal organisations

  • Discover key practices, from shared decision making, autonomy to relationships and conflict

  • Clarify a pathway and strategies for your organisational context.

  • Rethink the future of work


Impact for your organisation

  • Amplify everyone's personal leadership and collaboration capacity

  • Increase, inclusion, belonging and engagement

  • Improve attraction and keep employees

  • Increase your innovation capacity


Team Lab

  • An optional 1 day team lab will bring together what we learn in a lab to create new structures and practices for your team, with your team

This will also be the launch of the Listen For… game in Australia. Listen For… is a game of storytelling and listening that will transform your work, relationships, and well being. The more you play the more you develop critical 21st century skills and inner capacity to deal with complexity and change.

Join us!

Tuesday 21 - Thursday 23 February 2023 

Friday 24 February - optional Team Lab

Mosman Rowers, Mosman


You can choose between traditional pricing or shared economy


Traditional pricing

  • 3 days: $1200 plus GST per person

  • 3 days: $3000 plus GST for a team of 3

  • 4 days (including team lab): $4000 plus GST for a team of 3

Shared economy

For shared economy, you pay a first instalment, with a commitment to a second instalment that you decide on, at the training.

First instalment:

  • 3 days: $600 plus GST per person

  • 3 days: $1500 plus GST for a team of 3

  • 4 days (including team lab): $2000 plus GST for a team of 3


Note: participants need decision making authority on an extra amount, or have a maximum amount agreed beforehand with your organisation's decision making authority.

Seven domains of collaboration

Check out to learn more about the university accredited Going Horizontal program.

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