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Horizontal Leadership workshop 

Brisbane  |  17 February 2023
Are you really ready for new ways of working and organising?

The Horizontal Leadership Workshop develops your horizontal mindset and skills by exploring practices in the seven domains of collaboration from Going Horizontal. This workshop emphasizes simple and concrete ways to start now, whatever your position in an organisation and wherever you are in your horizontal pathway.

If you are part of an organisation or movement that is rethinking its approach to leadership or refining its democratic practices, join Campfire Coop and Percolab Coop Canada in Brisbane for this one day workshop. 

The mainstream organisational model is struggling, from employee needs, to issues of attraction, well-being, and retention. Going Horizontal brings us practical, accessible ways forward. 

What you will walk away with
A starting set of concrete practices and methodologies with a commitment to engage your horizontal leadership (self-efficacy)

Who is it for?
You don't know where to start, or are having difficulty landing horizontal tools, processes, and practices in your organisation.

You are looking for a holistic framework and supporting set of practices to take concrete steps towards integrating non-hierarchical ways of working.

What you will learn

  • Why Go Horizontal?

  • A three-level approach to upscale horizontal practices (informal, safe and formal)

  • A strategic approach to build capacity

  • The practice practice practice mindset

  • A series of concrete practices from the seven domains: Autonomy, Purpose, Meetings, Transparency, Decision Making, Learning and Development, Relationships and Conflicts

This workshop is part of the Going Horizontal approach based around the seven domains of collaboration and on an incremental approach to build personal leadership and strong collaborative organizations by making them more dynamic, productive, creative, engaging and participatory.

This will also be the launch of the Listen For… game in Australia. Listen For… is a game of storytelling and listening that will transform your work, relationships, and well being. The more you play the more you develop critical 21st century skills and inner capacity to deal with complexity and change.

Join us!

Friday 17 February 2023  9am-5pm

New Farm, Brisbane

Seven domains of collaboration

Check out to learn more about the university accredited Going Horizontal program.


You can choose between traditional pricing or shared economy


Traditional pricing

  • $400 plus GST per person

  • $900 plus GST for a team of 3

Shared economy

For shared economy, you pay a first instalment, with a commitment to a second instalment that you decide on, at the training.

First instalment:

  • $200 plus GST per person

  • $600 plus GST for a team of 3


Note: participants need decision making authority on an extra amount, or have a maximum amount agreed beforehand with your organisation's decision making authority.

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